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Sell On The Internet (soti) ltd. was formed in 1999 as a subsidiary of CSY Computer Systems Ltd, makers of EPOS systems with over 10 years experience in the computer industry.

Since it's formation, soti's client base has continued to grow, as has it's own portfolio of sites. Soti's flagship e-commerce solution, The Shoppers Network has recently been completely redesigned and with the help of it's suppliers continues to improve.

As well as developing full-featured e-commerce sites, soti are happy to develop marketing sites for smaller companies and, in partnership with organisations such as the British Hardware Federation, can provide Internet solutions to businesses that may not previously have considered the Internet as a marketing tool for there business.

Soti's link to the Internet is provided by a high-speed fibre optic link to the Internet backbone and through our card processing software, we can allow any company with a UK merchant account to open their own on-line store and accept credit card payments. We can, of course, provide full e-mail facilities to all our clients and we also use an integrated SQL database that clients can use should they wish.

Thursday 16 August 2018

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