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A whole new way of selling

Whether you call it Web-Commerce, E-Commerce or just buying on the net, the idea of shopping on the Internet has gone through a pretty bumpy ride in the next year or so. We're pleased to say that soti are still here and have grown through this difficult time.

For the small to medium business the dilemma has been whether the cost of setting up an e-commerce site has been worth the rewards it gives. At soti, we've tried to make the cost of setting up your "web-enabled business" as little as possible.

With our flagship site, The Shoppers Network, and it's companion, StoreBuilder, we've been able to set up a number of companies with an on-line store of their own and a number of these are seeing the payback.

We can of course develop a full e-commerce site specifically for your company, call us for more details.

Credit Card Processing
soti are able to provide secure on-line credit card processing to all it's customers. If you have an HSBC merchant ID, we can add credit card processing to your sites. See the price guide for details.

Saturday 22 September 2018

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